We’re a highly skilled and motivated team doing planning, filming, editing and photography all combined. Client satisfaction is the only thing on our mind, 24/7.

About LB video productions and photography


lucThe man behind the cameras and who also edits the professional clips.

Since childhood, Luc has been passionate about the camera, and everything to do with filming and photography. A hobby grew into an ever-present yearning for perfection. It is therefore no exception to see Luc repeat some recordings two and three times until they are to his liking. He has already made several documentaries and released several DVDs.


Professional actor, director and well known voice-over

Karel Deruwe is not only a well-known professional actor but also a much sought-after Voice-over, he also directs all our productions.



Since his training at Sint-Lucas in Antwerp, Tom has been bitten by the photography virus.

From animals, portraits, marriages and abandoned buildings, there is nothing that Tom does not capture. He is therefore our resident photographer.


saraAdministration responsible and production assistant.

A Wizz with piles of paperwork and a nice colleague in the field as a production assistant. Writing our scripts and scripts are also no secret to her, they are always prepared to perfection.

Our assets


A wonderful advantage is that our company consists of passionate people who “really don't” look at an hour and always give their best. You can always consult with our people, even after two or three changes in a montage, we are still equally fascinated by your film or photo report. And all this at very competitive prices. Price quotes are still free with us, you can always invite us to make a price for film or photo reportage for your company or event.

Passionate about film.

Two men passionate about film and television decide to work together. In making and realizing nature films and company promotions, one, Luc Buelens, has a great deal of experience and his search for always better and more beautiful, professional. The other, Karel Deruwe, is a professional in shaping the right context and rhythm of reports. Dubbing and directing assignments are constant challenges for him and his field of experience has international appeal.

In common is a great expertise with an extensive range of professional material. The making of promotional films and reports is usually made unattractive by overly large film production firms that occupy your company with an unusually large number of people and an unnecessary amount of material to shoot a promotional film. .

Karel Deruwe and Luc Buelens do this at feasible prices within the reach of your budget with sufficient and specialized equipment and minimum staffing, so that they are and remain very mobile and can adapt very quickly to your needs within the highest quality consensus.

Your promotional film can then be finished in any desired format and language.

The use of steadycam and drone images gives your promotional film or reportage a broader professional appearance.

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