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Corporate films


  • Who will be Wendy’s husband

    Who will be Wendy’s husband

    Images and editing by LB video productions for the theater production "Who will be Wendy's man"

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  • Jaguar Ice Driving Experience

    Jaguar Ice Driving Experience

    Esit of the Jaguar Ice Driving Experience footage.

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  • Opel Mokka X Event

    Opel Mokka X Event

    Experience the new Opel Mokka X on an adventurous 4x4 track.

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  • DMT chiptuning

    DMT chiptuning

    DMT chip tuning provides almost all vehicles with its own developed chip tuning program, which ensures that your car becomes…

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  • Dynamixx racing & paintball

    Dynamixx racing & paintball

    Dynamixx organizes adventurous experiences. Including racing (racing simulator, skid course, track baptism and drifting). Children's paintball, geocaching and dynaride are…

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  • Coscentra


    Presentation film from Coscentra for use at customer events and advertising.

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