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Corporate films


  • Cuypers cooling chamber

    Cuypers cooling chamber

    Demonstration of cooling and freezing installations developed by Cuypers cooling technology.

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  • Cuypers Refrigeration technology

    Cuypers Refrigeration technology

    The manager of Cuypers cooling technology wanted to show the customer how the company makes its own productions from the…

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  • Asphalt Beylemans

    Asphalt Beylemans

    Via another customer, LB-Videoproductions was asked to visualize the professional approach of this company during the construction of a gigantic…

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  • Winmax


    Winmax is a well-known company that distributes brake pads for racing cars. After this company supported one of the Racing…

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  • Yokohama day at zolder

    Yokohama day at zolder

    The importer of Yokohama tires organized a comparison day of different tire brands at the Zolder circuit. LB-Videoproductions was asked…

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