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  • Drone flight

    Drone flight

    The various drones that LB videoproductions has available allow us to create unique images of your project.

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  • DJI phantom 2

    DJI phantom 2

    A report on the first flight with the DJI Phantom drone. Of course LB-Videoproductions has a drone available!

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    Demo of using “Suction Pads” tripod with suction cups to mount the Camera on a vehicle. A nice gadget to…

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  • ProAm DVC250 Camera Crane

    ProAm DVC250 Camera Crane

    A camera tap is actually an indispensable item for certain recordings, LB-Videoproductions has one available to use where necessary.

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  • Metabones adapter

    Metabones adapter

    The metabones adapter is an easy-to-use adapter to mount various Canon lenses on the Sony Camera, this can range from…

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