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  • UK 2014

    UK 2014

    The travel report of a visit to the famous English rivers “Test” and “Avon”.

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  • Domein Lesse

    Domein Lesse

    A small account of a search by four friends for a private area.

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  • Rivers of Wallonia 2

    Rivers of Wallonia 2

    A second promo film for the four-part DVD box about Wallonia and the rivers. In this production, four employees covered…

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  • Rivers of Wallonia 1

    Rivers of Wallonia 1

    To give an idea of the beautiful nature and its rivers in Wallonia, a kind of guide for the fisherman…

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  • Animals Belgium

    Animals Belgium

    A piece of film about different animals in Belgium. Just to take the images of the Kingfisher, our camera man…

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  • Wild Cat

    Wild Cat

    A piece of film about an animal that still occurs wild in our nature, but is very shy!

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  • Historic Boats in Ostend

    Historic Boats in Ostend

    The film adaptation of a museum about the last Iceland boatman from Ostend, the “Amandine”. You can visit this boat…

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  • Breendonk


    “The Fortress“ Of Breendonk does not need an introduction… it is a sad relic of a brutal war .. With…

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  • Brasschaat Immo 4

    Brasschaat Immo 4

    The camera was also used at this beautiful property to take a tour of the building and garden. With a…

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  • Brasschaat Immo 1

    Brasschaat Immo 1

    To better show this beautiful estate, the owner decided to make a film of it so that potential buyers can…

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  • Cuypers Refrigeration technology

    Cuypers Refrigeration technology

    The manager of Cuypers cooling technology wanted to show the customer how the company makes its own productions from the…

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  • Asphalt Beylemans

    Asphalt Beylemans

    Via another customer, LB-Videoproductions was asked to visualize the professional approach of this company during the construction of a gigantic…

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